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Character Application

Want to know everything there is to know about Aki? You're in the right place.

Application has had some slight reordering but is untouched other than that.


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CHARACTER NAME: Izayoi Aki (or, ordered in the western way, Aki Izayoi)
FANDOM: Yugioh 5Ds
SUPERHERO NAME: Black Rose Witch (Kurobara no Majo)
ALTER EGO: Izayoi Aki, psychic duelist and prize of the Arcadia Movement

Extra note: Aki is fluent in both Japanese and English, but slightly out of practice in English. She much prefers Japanese for day to day communication.
CHRONOLOGY: Between episodes 27 and 35, around a day after the end of the Fortune Cup. Aki has dueled with Yuusei and floated along in her pink bubble to visions of plot about things that could happen to Satellite but has not done much else except destroy perfectly innocent dummies.
BACKGROUND: Yugioh 5Ds is set in a dystopian society, centered mainly in a place called Neo Domino City and an offshoot of NDC called Satellite. Neo Domino is a lovely place, really. It has highly advanced technology, mansions, skyscrapers, mansions on top of skyscrapers… and huge gangs of cultists whose leader wants to use them to take over the world. It’s not the paradise that the Public Security Maintenance Bureau (the world’s equivalent of the police; they run things in NDC) likes to pass it off as, but overall it’s the better of the two places to live. Satellite is a subset of Neo Domino. It is unique enough to have its own name and certainly its own distinct setting, but this does not change the fact that it’s still part of Neo Domino. Satellite a place of ruined buildings and streets, of rampant crime and urban decay, and of gangs fighting for control of territory. A great number (but not all) of the citizens living there are criminals. It literally exists to sort the trash of Neo Domino.

Aki, who is from Neo Domino City, was born the nice, normal, slightly spoiled daughter of well off and rather doting parents and she lived a nice, normal, happy life as such. Her father, who she adored, was a senator and was rarely home, but they all still loved each other. Life was overall pretty good.

Until she was five, which was when everything went horribly wrong.

When she turned five her father got her a specialty deck for the trading card game Duel Monsters (which YGOverse basically revolves around) that she’d been wanting. It was later, when they were finally playing a game together, that something happened. Her father accepted a phone call and told Aki that he needed to leave mid-game. Aki – who was still only five and had the mentality of most five year olds that the world should revolve around them – was hurt, angry, and tired of her father never being there. She activated a card in a sort of act of rebellion (‘No, I want to finish the game and finish it now!’) and the effect of the card, rather than staying holographic as one would normally expect it to, picked her father up and flung him at the wall with enough force to crack that wall. This was traumatic for all concerned, unsurprisingly, and Aki became more distressed and confused when a few moments later her arm started burning as a glowing ‘birthmark’ appeared. She started crying and moving forward, wanting her daddy to tell her that it was okay – that he was okay – and he had (unsurprisingly) reacted with fear. He’d told her to stay away and compared her power to that of a monster.

Those words stuck in ways that he never intended; Aki started to think of this power as monstrous and herself as a monster, something not-quite-human. For the next nine years, things just got worse. Aki was led to think of herself as a monster by her parents and her classmates and learned to live with the idea that everyone – everyone – hated and feared her. She was seriously affection-starved, first from the years spent living with parents who were rather terrified of a daughter who could probably kill them with relative ease and later from just about everyone else. After she was a bit older her father sent her off to the Duel Acadamia, where he thought folks might understand her better, and everybody hated and feared her there too. Finally one day she went running home, which should have been nothing big, but when she was there she saw her parents having a nice evening together. Should have been nothing, but they were smiling and they were laughing and they hadn’t done either while she was around for so long, so very long. Aki jumped to conclusions, and one really can’t blame her. It was the final straw; she saw her parents laughing and assumed that they didn’t want her, that they never wanted her, they were happy when she wasn’t there and were never happy when she was, and she sort of snapped.

After using her power to shatter every window and what looked like ever other piece of glass and crystal in the house, she took off running.

Having left both home and school she didn’t have anywhere to stay but the streets, and so she did so. She created an alternate persona named the Black Rose Witch and, from behind a mask and cloak, set to work making lots of others fear her and her powers. This went on for an indefinite, not very long, amount of time before the Black Rose Witch was tracked down and unmasked by a man named Divine.

Divine claimed to have powers like hers and to represent something called the Arcadia Movement, which he said was a haven for psychic duelists. Divine told Aki that she didn’t need to think, he would think for her and he would love her. Aki willingly let him do so. She, at this point, considered herself somewhat sub-human; what did she have to think about and who else would love her? The fact that Divine was willing to let her sink into blankness was something she appreciated and something that she grabbed on to.

She spent the next two years staying with Arcadia and learning to sort of control her powers – one of the things that she gained in her time there was a hairclip, which she grew out her bangs to hold in place, and which helps to regulate some of the destructive force of her power. Divine did a good job of training her to be loyal to Arcadia and especially to him. He convinced her, partially through simple repetition and partially because he was a terribly clever manipulator, that he was the only one who could make her happy, he was the only one who would understand her, he was the only one who would love her for being herself or even accept her. He also tried to break her dependence to her mask and the persona of the Black Rose Witch, but here Aki was slightly less pliant.

She had tried, earlier in her life, to simply accept her powers and the destruction that came with them, but the more she tried the more her feelings seemed to turn into impulses for destruction and pain. She didn’t want this, despite wanting it, and it confused and scared her – when she was behind her mask she could be just what they said she was; a witch, a cruel girl who enjoyed the pain of others. Aki loved hiding like that, and so despite the fact that in Arcadia she was accepted for who and what she was (mostly), the Black Rose Witch didn’t vanish. She was still around, and would show up most often in the Daimon area of NDC. The duelists who gathered there learned to be terrified of her, and Aki kept coming back.

It was in part still her wandering, not sure where she belonged (despite all of Divine’s efforts) and part a simple pleasure in destruction. Her life had been ruined by normal people like this, she was out to share the pain.

Around two years after Divine found her, the Public Security Maintenance Bureau announced a special dueling tournament called the Fortune Cup. Contestants were supposedly being selected from the public at random, Aki received an invitation. Divine told her to go and use the tournament as an opportunity for unveiling the Arcadia movement to the world; Aki agreed. She half killed (or possibly actually killed, we’re not sure) her first two opponents, who had the typical reaction of ‘You’re a monster and everybody hates you.’ Her last opponent was a guy from Satellite named Yuusei who, oddly, said just the opposite. He told her she was human, and he told her that she needed to love herself and think for herself instead of letting Divine do either for her. The words stuck in her head, whether she wanted them to or not.

Aki lost, but during the final one more strange thing happened. She’d been elsewhere, and then suddenly she was floating along in a pink bubble, watching the finalists duel on a road of white to visions of Satellite being more or less destroyed by giant purple geoglyphs of fire. The visions ended and Aki got sent back to where she belonged after the end of the duel, but watching buildings being destroyed like that – especially as it might have been a vision of the future, or a possible future – was understandably disquieting.

After this happened she just headed back to Arcadia, where Yuusei has been haunting her thoughts and where she’s spent time destroying perfectly innocent dummies.

Character development that happened in show after the point she was drawn from!

Ruka ended up at Arcadia and Aki tried to look out of her; she didn’t want Ruka to be abandoned as she had been and told her as much. A little while later a villain showed up, blamed Aki for killing her brother, and set about trying to kill her; she failed but managed to put Aki in a coma. Still, she didn’t manage until after another of the villains had knocked Divine basically down the center of a skyscraper; Aki saw him falling to his death.

Yuusei showed up along with Aki’s parents immediately before she woke up, and after a moment she remembered what she’d seen directly before she’d been knocked out – Divine falling to his death. She dissolved into rage, which is her default to cover pain, and was all set to set off destroying every other place around, as the one place that she’d ever belonged (and the one person who had ever loved her) had just been destroyed.

Yuusei and her parents managed to convince her that this was not the case, her father told her that he actually did love her, and Aki managed to consciously control her powers for the first time in her life. This shocked her into a number of things, but shocked her out of her anger. Her and her dad spent a little while hugging while her mom looked on happily.

Slightly later Divine’s real plans got revealed: he’d been trying to train psychic duelists into weapons, to hone and develop their powers until he could use them to wage a war. Aki had been the prize of his collection; it was just one more thing to disenchant her with him. She sort of latched onto Yuusei instead, and has spent the last few episodes following him around and being mildly starry-eyed in his presence.
PERSONALITY: Aki is angry. All the time. She hates the world in general because of the people who hate and fear her; she hates herself because of what she does (and can’t keep herself from doing, though she’s tried to keep her powers in check many times). She’s been called a witch and that’s honestly what she considers herself to be; some kind of monster who doesn’t deserve to be considered human. She’s also somewhat sadistic because of this – she tried to give in to her affinity for destruction and this in turn led to an impulse and affection for destruction. It’s gotten to the point where she enjoys destroying things and enjoys seeing others in pain, mostly just as payback. It’s a way to spread the pain that they forced on her, after all, and if she can’t retaliate in any way than with simple physical pain then so be it. Punishment for sins with physical damage is fine by her.

She is very insecure in herself and quite unstable; for the past two years Divine has been acting as an anchor for her, something for her to center around and focus on. When that influence is removed she is suddenly like a kite without a tail, and she swings wildly. She is also very affection-starved, and willing to latch on to basically anyone who is willing to love her. Few people, in her mind, would be willing to love a monster like her, when there’s someone around who will she grabs for the love that they offer and holds on tight.

You would not know most of this at first glance, if you were just looking at her. She will most often appear to be either rather angry or simply calm; she’s good at projecting the appearance of uncaring after all these years. She is now, however, perfect at this and if you push the right sequence of buttons you will learn just how quickly she can lose her temper, and what a bad thing it is for anyone involved if she does.

Despite the turmoil of her background, Aki was still brought up in an upper class family. She won’t think of it, but she also hasn’t forgotten it – she can be arrogant, elitist, and quite often simply not understand some things that others might take for granted. She is self centered, though not vain, and will very, very rarely think of the problems of others at all unless they dovetail quite neatly with the experiences that she has had. In some ways she is quite naïve; she’s had hard experiences, but they’ve all had one focus.
CLASS: Heroine at her core, though she honestly doesn’t like any of you and there is a very real possibility of her acting the part of a villain if she interacts with the wrong people.
POWER: In canon, Aki is what is known as a Psychic Duelist; she can cause physical damage with the holograms (called ‘Solid Visions’) of various cards in the game Duel Monsters. However, as was shown in a flashback, she is not necessarily dependant on holograms to cause damage. She shattered what looked like every window in her parent’s house as well as wine glasses, chandeliers, etc without using any holograms to help her out. With holograms as a focus, she has caused severe structural damage to roads and buildings, and has hospitalized (and quite possibly killed) many people both onscreen and off.

She has never, up until the point when she’s being pulled from, been able to consciously control her powers, though her emotions do affect them. The angrier she gets, the more destructive power she has. The metal hairclip that she wears in her bangs helps keep these powers kind of in check, but there’s only so much that it can do – if she gets angry enough that it falls out, or if she takes it out herself, then you’re in trouble.

As one of the signers of the Crimson Dragon she can also (like Yuusei and Ruka) create a protective psychic shield that can guard against physical and magical threats. She does not appear to have any conscious control over this particular power, and it is up for debate if she even knows she can create the shield.
[video; Japanese]
[An image of a girl – a teenager, probably, somewhere between the ages of 16 and 18 by her appearance, flickers onto the screen. She’s pretty in a slightly unusual way – her hair is dark red, her eyes are light brown, her skin is pale and she seems to have some kind of metal hair clip pinning back her bangs.]

Divine? Divine?

[She blinks rapidly and looks around herself.]


I don’t understand. I am using this thing right, am I not? I need to know where I am, and how to reach Neo Domino. I don’t even understand how I got here. I can’t stay here, I- I need to get back to Arcadia.
[Voice; Japanese]
[There is an inhuman roar in the background. It really is a somewhat terrifying sound; it’s a hiss and a half scream, though it’s obviously animalistic. It’s high and clear as a musical note, but that doesn’t obliterate the emotion in it: rage. It’s not the only sound either – there’s cracking and snapping and the most awful ripping, splintering, smashing sounds.

There’s a faint sort of whine, as of machinery, somewhere in the background – it’s a musical sound as well, though distinctly different from the first.]

You drag me here. You take me from my place. The only place that’s ever been mine and you might as well have obliterated it.

[The voice is young and might be pretty, but it’s currently twisted with rage.

More splintering sounds, and then what appears to be a car alarm.]

Divine offered me a home. Divine is dead.

I wasn’t even there to see him die, maybe I could have done something-

You stole me from the only place I’ve ever been at home. You wanted my power? You wanted me to help? Fine. Here is a taste of the power of the witch, this monsterous thing that I was cursed with.

Here is exactly why you should have left me in Japan.

[A grinding screech and crash begins before the sound cuts to a static buzz.]
The good thing was that her duel disk still worked; the technology of the Porter, whatever that machine was, hadn’t scrambled its inner workings. It hadn’t brought her cards to a sentience either which she supposed might have happened – this place was still foreign to her, but stranger things seemed to have happened.

Stranger like, perhaps, being pulled from your home – the only place you’d ever belonged, away from the only person who had ever cared.

Aki was confused, she was scared, and she didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t where she was supposed to be, that was the problem. Two years ago this might have been easier to deal with; she simply hadn’t had a place back then, so where she was didn’t matter quite so much. Somewhat paradoxically, when you don’t belong anywhere you also belong everywhere. Not having a place in one city was much the same as not having one in another, after all.

It wasn’t the case any more.

Aki needed something, someone, anything to anchor her in place. She needed Divine. She needed Arcadia. She needed her purpose back. She needed her place. She needed to be needed, or at least to be wanted, but that was impossible because Divine wasn’t here, he wasn’t here, he might not even be in this world. And that idea, even just the idea, was like a dagger made of ice that had been splintered in her gut.

She wanted her mask but she didn’t have it; as a second best she had taken out the restraining hairclip that she usually wore, and as a result her bangs had fallen down in front of her face, obscuring her features and shielding her. Her hair could grant her some of the anonymity that she craved, and so maybe it was her cloak that she missed more than her mask. It was, after all, cold, and the thin fabric of her outfit was already tattered.

A cat screamed in the distance – maybe several streets over. What made Aki pay attention, however, was the tone. She was used to city noises, and those noises included stray cats and stray dogs and the croaking of seagulls. This wasn’t a battle cry or a frightened noise; it sounded as though it was being torn apart.

Aki hesitated for a moment and then started for the sound, activating her duel disk as she did so.

She wished she had her mask.